When you decorate your living room with your favorite art pieces, it becomes a beautiful space. The same transformation happens when you add good artwork to a website, leaving a positive impression on viewers.

The Web is a method for offering information visually. To make your site more appealing, try decorating with visual media such as pictures or illustrations.
Our company holds many connections with various artists. Ranging from professional artists to art students to individuals without art training who have flourished through self-study, you can select your desired artist from a wide variety of choices.
Illustrations that genuinely express the main theme of your website or simple illustrations that give an image for each individual article, we shall be pleased to meet your request. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

We offer the following services according to different user levels:

[Web上級者(または、上級者のサポートを受けている方)向け / For Web experts (or for individuals with support from an experts) / 面向主页制作上级者(或正接受上级技术人员的支援)]
Webのフレームワークの構築ができていて、コンテンツとしてアートが欲しい方 ⇒ ご希望に応じて絵、イラストをご提供します。
Can make the framework for the site, but artwork for the website contents is desired => We can offer pictures or illustrations in the style you prefer.
主页的整体构筑已完成,具体目录内容需要添加插图者 => 根据需求提供所需的插图

[Web中級者向け / For Intermediate Web users / 面向主页制作中级者
ブログ記事などの入力は出来るけれど、文章と画像をうまく組み合わせた配置をしたい。でも、技術的な知識がなくてお困りの方 ⇒ WordPressをベースとした、自在なメディアの配置ができるフレームワーク構築のお手伝いをします。また、その構成に合わせて絵、イラストをご提供します。
Able to write blogs on one's own, but want to combine images into the sentence layout. For individuals without the technical knowledge how to do this => Using WordPress as a base, we can assist you in creating the layout you want. Also, we can offer pictures or illustrations to suit that composition.
可进行记事内容的编辑,但文章与图片无法自由组合配置,没有专业知识的客户 => 以WordPress为基准,可将媒介内容进行自由配置,帮助客户进行整体构筑。并提供相应的图片及插图。

[Web初心者向け / For Beginner Web users / 面向主页制作初级者]
Webに関する知識や経験がない方 ⇒ 上記に加えて、レンタルサーバの利用、Webサイトのベースを構築するお手伝いします。また、Webの基本構想作成のお手伝いもします。
For individuals without technical knowledge or experience using the web => In addition to the above, assistance with how to use hosting services and how to create the base of a website can be offered.  In addition, we can help you with the basic concept and construction of your website.
无网页制作的相关知识和经验者 => 除了以上内容,另外提供租赁式服务器,帮助制作主页基础构建和基本内容构思。

Our company's services are not only meant for Web enthusiasts. We can offer suggestions for standard WordPress themes and applying plug-ins. Websites with a simple composition but with good placement of artworks makes a better site. In regard to requests for artwork, simple illustrations can be sent through email. For cases when the desired contents are special, an interview with the artist will take place to create your desired art piece.